Sales Terms and Conditions

I. Purchase Orders

 I.1             The Buyer shall buy the Seller’s products based on a proper purchase order placed on Each particular purchase order shall contain the product identification, quantity, delivery time, contact details and location.

I.2             The Seller guarantees the following delivery times for performance of the purchase order after its confirmation and receipt of confirmation of the  payment in the case of application of additional individual labels:

  • Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah – if the Seller receives the purchase order by any working day till 17:00 pm, the date of delivery will be the next day (except Friday). The possibility of an earlier date of delivery will be solved individually based on the capacities of the Seller.
  • in case of larger volume purchase orders (from 1 pallet), the possible delivery time will be discussed individually.
  • Abu Dhabi, Al Ain – each Tuesday from10:00-18:00 The possibility of an earlier date of delivery will be solved individually based on the capacities of the Seller.
  • Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah – These areas are served by our distributors.

II. Warranty Claims

II.1            When receiving goods, the Buyer must check the delivered goods (quantity,  labels, and other parameters agreed in the order), and if non-compliance is found, the Buyer shall submit a written complaint to the Seller without delay. In the case of direct delivery of goods to a third party, e.g. a retail chain, where the Buyer does not have the possibility to check the delivered goods itself, this obligation is transferred to that third party – the recipient of the goods, complaining about the particular goods at the Buyer.

II.2            If a complaint is made, the Buyer will inform the Seller about the product type, batch, expiration date, amount, manner of storage, reason of the complaint, and the entity reporting the complaint to the Buyer. According to its capabilities, the Buyer will take over the claimed product from the given entity and forward it for consideration to the Seller. In the event that the claimed product cannot be physically passed to the Seller, the Buyer will send an e-mail to the Seller with photographic documentation of the claimed product and it will be synergistic in the provision of any additional information or documents required for the complaint to be handled by the Seller. In the case of failure to supply the information needed for the evaluation of the complaint, the Seller is not obligated to accept the claim.

II.3            Consequently, the Seller will investigate the complaint and on the basis of this information, it will write a report on the complaint. If the complaint is accepted, the product will be replaced by the Buyer by the delivery of the same replacement goods, or the purchase price will be refunded. In the case of an unaccepted complaint, the Seller will communicate the reasons for its rejection to the Buyer.

II.4            If the complaint is accepted by the Seller, the Buyer shall discard the unreturned claimed goods upon request by the Seller, and it has no right to sell them or offer them for consumption. The Buyer will sign an affidavit on their disposal and it will send it to the Seller. In the case of non-compliance with this instruction by the Buyer, the Buyer is responsible for the negative consequences associated with it, including any financial claims from injured parties.


III. An item may be returned after the time of delivery only if it meets the following important food safety guidelines. All returns and credit requests must be made within these time frames:

Time of Delivery

Chilled or frozen items: during 1-2 days after delivery

Any goods after this period WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE.


Chilled items being returned must be stored at between 0º C and 8º C and frozen items must be stored appropriately at -18ºC or below.


Products are returnable for full credit only when they are in the original package, free of markings or damage, and within 48 hours.

Non–stock order items

Non–stock order items have been purchased especially for you. Because they can’t be resold, they are not returnable except when damaged or of questionable quality at the time of delivery.

IV. Discounts

To show our appreciation to all our loyal customers, and share the enthusiasm we have in our products, we are pleased to offer you a special discount through our website.

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