Best honey cake and fast home delivery

Our honey cakes are made by an old traditional family recipe from the highest quality ingredients without the use of preservatives or artificial colors. For his extraordinary quality and exceptional shelf life, the product was awarded by the national quality mark KLASA. The product is GMO-Free.

Thanks to the unique recipe, high-quality ingredients and packing method have MARLENKA® HONEY NUGGETS an exceptional shelf life

– 90  days – at temperature from 2-24°C

– 9 months – when stored at a temperature not exceeding 8°C

We have also Gluten-Free products.

GLUTEN-FREE HONEY NUGGETS MARLENKA®  are produced for all of you, who would like to try the honey nuggets MARLENKA®, but are not allowed to afford it due to their special nutrition requirements.

GLUTEN-FREE HONEY NUGGETS MARLENKA® are manufactured under strict food safety standards and are without preservatives or artificial colors as our other products.

The nuggets will captivate you by a traditional flavor, harmonized recipe and delicious cream, and all this GLUTEN FREE NOW.

We successfully passed the certification audit of the BRC and IFS international food safety standards. According to the auditor’s statement, we achieved an extraordinary and exceptional result within the Czech Republic as well as within Europe. We passed both these strict standards with the highest scores possible: 99.9 % for IFS, and AA for BRC.


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