For HORECA sector, Retail or distributors:

Marlenka® products are made by an old traditional family recipe from the highest quality ingredients without the use of preservatives or artificial colours.

For his extraordinary quality and exceptional shelf life, the product was awarded by the national quality mark KLASA. The product is GMO-Free. Thanks to the unique recipe, high-quality ingredients and packing method have MARLENKA® products an exceptional shelf life –9 months.

We see your success as our success and so we bundle our products with great services. We believe that your profits are our interest, so our promise to you is a great range of great quality products at good prices. Growth is great, and we want to help those who work with us to grow.

We will facilitate training opportunities for hotel and restaurant managers or staff to explain more about our products, including the proper explanation, benefits and selling techniques to ensure everything you serve is exceptional. Tips can be exchanged for up-selling the products.

We are flexible in our packages to meet your needs. For more details on packages, pricing and product support, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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